Sunday, January 05, 2014

Day 5

Lunches are hard.  I love to cook but I actually hate meal times.  I spend hours sometimes cooking only to have my kids turn up their noses every single time at what I make.  It doesn't matter.  At least one kid will hate it.  This week Jamie didn't want pizza. Cheese pizza.  Seriously??  So I dislike meals, especially lunch because it's so rushed.  I feel like I have to get something on the table in just a few minutes.  Usually lunch is a bunch of leftovers thrown together or cheese and crackers or PB&J.  Today on the way home from church I was SO tempted to buy lunch.  It was very hard to resist.  But right there was saved $20. (Probably more actually).

Today a bunch of my auctions ended on ebay.  These are things I found while cleaning (I started this challenge early, I couldn't wait!) and listed on ebay.  I also listed things on craigslist and a local neighborhood for sale site.  I made $55 on ebay this week and $65 on the other listings.  That's a total of $120!!  Now realize we haven't even spent that much in the past 5 days!  John filled up before this challenge started and he hasn't gone to work much this week because of the holidays.  And the *only* money I've spent is the $37 on groceries.  Pretty encouraging!

Hoping that tomorrow I can list more things that I have in the closet that I didn't get around to yet.  Another big day is Wednesday.  Every Wednesday I check the Discover balance.  We spend about 90% of our money on there (pay it off in full every single month and we get cash back.)  So I have a pretty good idea of where we should be at if we were spending.  I'm excited to see our hard work actually paying off in black and white.

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