Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Year's Goals

Been thinking about goals recently-of course it's that time, isn't it?  So here's what on my radar....

1.  Get connected in our new church.  Sadly, last year was a really horrible year for us spiritually.  We left our church-it's a very long and sad story-and spent much of last year looking for a new church and generally feeling like we had a spiritual flu.  I'm hoping this year to turn that around.  We have settled into a church that fits us right now.  We aren't sure how long it will fit us-maybe long term maybe a season, but we're here now and I'd like to settle into it.  It seems there is a Sunday night group thing that we can join, a Thursday AM Bible study for me, and a girls club for Anne (sounds similar to Girl Scouts).  I'd like to jump into it ALL!  Our spiritual void has been deep in 2013 and we need to take some steps to get out of it.  This is the first one.

2.  I would like to stay off Facebook!  It is not good for me in any way shape or form.  I get frustrated when I see people making choices I wouldn't make (particularly- and really only with- parenting decisions.  I'm not talking you gave your baby cereal 2 weeks early-I'm talking blatant "this is bad in anyone's book".  I've seen lots and lots of bad car seat photos, pictures of newborns watching TV (like 2 day olds), 18 month olds getting potty trained, and 4 month olds eating candy.  And it goes on.)  It seems there's something like that every day and it works me up.  I don't need to get worked up over that.  (Remember too, it was my job for 4 years to teach moms proper baby care so this particular area is a button for me.)  I get anxiety over world events people share (can we say stomach flu). And no matter what I can't seem to stay off political discussions, which does no one good.  I don't want to delete my account I just want to stop checking everyone and their mother's statuses.  I want to check up on a friends who have big life events and that's about it.

3.  The last one I have is more for fun.  I'd like to read 30 books this year.  That is about 2-3 a month.  When I dedicate the time to reading, I really like it.  It's just hard to find the time.  I have about 3 dozen books either in a list or sitting on a shelf and I'd like to finally make  a dent in those!

I know there are more things, but those are what comes to mind right now.  Maybe there will be a New Year's Goal part 2 soon.

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Teena Kreitzer said...

Those are great goals, We too are in Spiritual limbo. FB for me is more an issue of not using my time wisely but I admire your ability to recognize its effect on your well being. And books, well I have 3 bookshelves waiting for me! My actual goal this year is to get 2 stockings made by next Christmas. I have made 1 out of 6 and the kids are starting to make fun of me.... (If you'd like to check out our book shelves and continue your no spending goal feel free)