Monday, December 30, 2013

Two and a half!

Libby turned 2.5 on Christmas Eve!  Happy half birthday sweet baby girl!

Libby is the princess of the house!  She loves being part of the group and will do anything she can to be part of it.  She can throw tantrums with the best of them and charm the pants of anyone.  She is learning more and more words-she speaks paragraphs to us but don't understand most of what she says.  I think she easily has 200 words in her vocabulary.  She runs, jumps, climbs all well.  She does great at puzzles and spacial thinking.  She just recently learned how to do a 6 piece interlocking puzzle!  I thought that was quite impressive.  I can't believe in 6 months time she'll be a three year old, potty training, sleeping in a big girl bed and getting read to go to preschool.  That time is gonna fly!  Love you sweetheart!

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Nicole said...

Love her bow!