Monday, December 30, 2013

Resolution Revisit

I admit-completely copying off my friend Nicole on this post.  She just did a recap on how her resolutions went this past year so here's mine.  It's pretty pitiful to say the least.  This was the post on my resolutions last year.  Here's how I did:

1.  Drink more water-complete fail.  I think I thought about this for exactly a week and then forgot.  Periodically I'll have a day here and there where I try but ultimately it's no unusual for me to get to 2pm and realize I have had exactly NO water.  Bummer.

2.  Drink humane milk.  The good news is we did not buy one single gallon of conventional milk this year.  Not one!  We kept up w/ humane milk up until November and then fell off.  The one store in the whole area that carries Organic Valley was sporadic at best.  There were multiple times John went in to get a gallon on his way home only to discover the only gallons left expired the next day or they only had skim when we wanted whole, etc.  So we switched to just generic organic milk.  Meijer carries their house brand of organic milk and it has a LONG expiration before opening.  So I can easily get several gallons and have that hold me over til my next trip.  I count this resolution as a win!

3.  Not eating meat while eating out-again, complete fail.  For a few months I was good but then convenience and my cravings got the better of me.  So hard to choose a plain salad when there's a burger!  I'm frustrated I don't have more will power on this but-see number 2 above-baby steps.

4.  Budget-this is a continuing theme of our year.  We have good months and bad and we make tweaks as we can but ultimately we spend way more than we need to.  Maybe this January no spending will give us some better perspective on our habits.

5. Completely 2 projects-I completely forgot about this one!  I did do one of the projects-made a small collage of family pictures in our family room.  The "art gallery" has yet to be done.  Maybe this is the year!

6.  Reading my Bible.  Absolutely. Completely. Utterly. FAILED!!  So bad.  I honestly read it 6x this year and the last time was about 9 months ago.  John and I have been in a horrible spiritual funk this entire year.  I'm hopeful we can get out of it this coming year but where we are not is yucky.

7.  Date nights-complete success!  We didn't stick to our planned dates, and we fell back on dinner and a movie way too much but we have gone out once a month every single month!  It helps we found an amazing babysitter we are in love with!  The plan is to keep up with this because I, quite frankly, need at least this once a month out with Hubby for my sanity!

So that was it.  All in all more successful than I thought!  2 pretty major changes this year.  Even though I didn't do most of these, the 2 I did stick with feel good.  Stay tuned for a new resolution list coming soon!

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