Friday, December 27, 2013

Prepping for no spending

No spending starts in just 4 days and I couldn't be more excited or ready.  I supposed I can liken it to a fast or a cleanse-and really that's what it is.  Our family-me-we need this.  We need to take a break from the constant "I need!!" and the toll that the stress and worry of money is taking on our relationships and souls.  I almost wish I could start early but I know we have a few things we need to do before we start (like see the new Dinosaur movie we've planned on for 2 months or take our friends out to dinner as a Christmas gift.)

I'm like a child on Christmas peeking at my gifts to see what I got.  I'm starting here and there doing things I'll do on the fast because I'm just too excited to wait.  One of the big things of the fast is going through what we currently own and getting rid of things.  Anything I can sell, I will.  The rest goes in a box in the closet for a fund raising resale for Jamie's preschool.  So far I've gone through the entire upstairs (which includes all the kids' rooms) and the playroom downstairs.  It's been a good time to do it since John has the entire week off and I can focus on what needs to be done.  I have a huge pile of things to start listing on ebay.  I'm excited to see not only how much I can "make" but not spending but how much I can actually make selling our stuff.  In 2013 I think I made about $800 selling things we no longer needed.  (Like old DVRs, sets of Anne's Barbies she NEVER touched, etc.).  Little things here and there that really added up.  It feels good to feel like I'm contributing monetarily to our family's expenses.  Look at this sneak peak of things I have to list so far:

Some of that stuff-well most of it-is just boxes of clothes to pack away in the attic, but nearly all the loose stuff is stuff to sell. I have a big project on my hands! Good thing John is home to do kid duty!

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