Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great America

Last year Anne got a free ticket to Great America for reading so many books over winter break.  We got to go together for the first time then and had SUCH a great time!  She got the same ticket so we went again this year, but my sister Shellie and her daughter Andrina joined us since Andrina started elementary school last year and got a free ticket.  Once again, Anne and I had such a great time.  These two times at Great America with Anne have been my favorite days of the year with her.  12+ hours of just she and I, having fun, no distractions of any kind, just me and my first born.  I love it!  She loves it.  Win, win, win!

Once again this year we picked a very hot, mid week day and the place was completely empty!  It was awesome!  No waits on ANYTHING!  Anne was big enough to do a few of the older rides and we literally walked right on to American Eagle (side note-she hated it-but I was so proud of her for trying it).  Shellie and I also figured out we could ride the bigger roller coasters by ourselves as long as one of us stayed with the 2 girls.  So we went on Batman (still amazing after 20 yrs-yeah-been there for 20 years!) and the brand new X-Flight (again-awesome!).  Both those had the very minimal in waiting. 

Shellie getting to ride X-Flight

Me getting to ride X-Flight

Once again Anne (and Andrina's) favorite section was the kiddie rides. Seriously they rode this particular ride about 10x in a row.  They never even got off and only a few times did someone else get on.  That's how not crowded it was.

I am really looking forward to next year.  I've already prepped Anne that she will indeed be going on Viper.  She was tall enough this year but we did Eagle instead.  Next year-Viper.  I honestly think she'll like it better.  I love these Great America days with her-I'll go with her as long as she'll have me.

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