Saturday, September 07, 2013

2nd Grade

Anne started 2nd grade a few weeks ago!  Hard to believe that my first born is a bonafide Elementary school student (and has been for years actually!).  There are moments where I catch a memory of her as a baby so clearly and its unbelievable that she is now a seven year old girl and not the very tiny baby that was born to us.  I love the then and now pictures and as I was taking Jamie's preschool pictures I thought it'd be fun to see how Anne (and Jamie but that's another post) have changed since she was a baby starting preschool.
3 year old preschool-can you believe I thought she was such a "big girl"!!??  What a BABY!
4 year old preschool

1st Grade
2nd Grade

 My how she has grown!  She looks soooo much more grown up in the 2nd grade picture...and of course 3 or 4 years from now I'll look back and think about what a baby she was here.  I love my little girl!

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