Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cars Movie Night

I mentioned before we have been doing a Disney Movie and themed dinner night once a month to count down our big trip in February.  So far we have done Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp (Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner and Puppy Chow for dessert) and last month we did Cars.  Finally I took pictures of it!  Well actually Anne took pictures of it, so please forgive the bad quality.

Hoagie/Sub sandwiches made to look like cars

Apple and Grape slices made to look like cars

A few days before the movie night I was at Big Lots and saw this!  How perfect!!

And again, a few days before the movie Jamie and Libby had a cars craft at the Library and made these cute little box cars.  Perfect for our movie!

 This time we let Libby watch the movie too (mostly because it was a 2 hour movie and if we waited til she was in bed we'd be up past 9pm).  She lasted about half an hour or so before she was just way too squirmy and loud.  She protested quite a bit at having to leave the fun early but who knows-maybe by February she'll actually be able to see through an entire movie!

Our next movie night is Little Mermaid and I have some cute dinner ideas.  Hopefully the camera will be handy for pictures! 
**Oh and I should say I can take almost no credit for this-all ideas are from pintrest!  Thanks Pintrest!

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Nicole said...

SO fun!! Great job taking pictures Anne!
And YAY for updating the blog!! :)