Sunday, August 11, 2013

Boy am I behind and A Birthday Party 7 weeks late

Oh my goodness am I behind on this blog!  And I don't even really have a good excuse-we've been "busy" this summer but we haven't done much.  Mostly my busy-ness is simply taking care of three children every hour of the day.  I got spoiled last year while Anne was in 1st grade-free babysitting for 7 hrs every day-and now this summer I got hit in the face with reality for 10 weeks.  Watching three children is EXHAUSTING!  I get to the end of most days and literally fall down in relief that the day is done and I get to rest.  Don't get me wrong-I LOVE these little children.  LOVE them to bits and pieces.  Without them my life wouldn't be a fraction as fulfilled as it is.  But they are a lot of work.   And they tire me out.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this Thursday when school resumes here and I can once again get a bit of a break on the parenting deal.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we celebrated Libby's birthday with a small party in the park.  Honestly, I considered not doing anything for her because 1. she doesn't know better 2. she won't remember it 3. it snuck up on me and 4. I am just too tired from simply keeping 3 kids alive and healthy (see paragraph one).  But the type A in me simply could not let any child of mine not have a party when the other 2 did have one.  So we had one.   We met in the park, did a cute little Elmo craft, ate some cupcakes and played in the park.  I think all had a good time.

I love having a kid with a summer birthday-it makes parties a snap and inexpensive!  Sprinkler party, picnic party, park party...all super cute and fun but minimal on the cash.  I already know next year she'll be having a backyard water party!  Happy birthday Libby Lou!  Hope you had a special day celebrating!

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