Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to our Birthday Princess

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet birthday princess Miss Libby Lou! Otherwise known as the Libster, the Libinator, Libby Bibby and Libby Louster!
Libby turned two years old this week!  I cannot believe it happened!  I have to say I vividly remember one of the ladies who worked in the cafeteria of the hospital asking my why I was there so much.  I told her my baby was staying at the hospital, recovering from surgery.  She told me not to worry that one day Libby would be running around like all the other kids-she even pointed to a toddler who was running around-and that this time in the hospital would be a distant, fuzzy memory.  I knew she was right but I wasn't quite sure it would ever actually happen.  Amazingly, it did and it has.  I now have a bonafied two year old who walks and talks and runs and jumps and throws tantrums and gives hugs and kisses and loves her family.  We are so blessed by her!

I made Libby some birthday cupcakes, which she didn't eat.  Vanilla with strawberry frosting, decorated with a fresh strawberry.

She was quite excited to see the cupcake, loved getting sung to and took exactly one mouse bite of her treat and was then done.  Fortunately I knew this to be her MO and didn't invest any time in big, decorated cake!
The other 2 kids gave her presents on her birthday-she didn't know what was coming but knew she was the star and it was something good!

She ripped paper off her presents like the best of them!

Anne and Jamie got her each a little playset.  There were animals that are perfect toddler size to fit in her hands and she carried them around all day!

Mommy and Daddy got her the Learning Tower.  An overly expensive, glorified chair.  She LOVES to help us cook-in fact one day she sat on the counter for over an hour just watching.  She was so content!  So we got her this to be a little safer so she can help us cook and join in the action.  These things sell for about $200 but I was finally able to fine one on craigslist after stalking it for weeks for only $80.  What a great find!

And here she is!  The official TWO year old!  Libby walks and tries to run and jump.  She says probably 30 words and in the past month has started putting them together in 2 word combinations.  She can feed herself with a spoon and fork and she voices her opinion like a pro.  She clams up like a switch has been shut off when she's around strangers but at home she is the life of the party.  She always wants to join in on what her siblings are doing and she's very successful at it.  Everyone in our family loves and adores her to pieces and we are doing our very best to further the stereotype of the baby of the family!

Happy birthday Libby!  We love you!

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