Thursday, February 28, 2013

Four Years Old!

Yesterday Jamie turned 4 years old! I cannot believe he is now officially a big boy! We can't even pretend he's a toddler or baby-nope-he's a boy for sure!

Jamie is at about the 50th percentile for weight and about the 30th for height. 

He is an amazing talker and has the most amazing memory!  He can tell us minute details from months ago with something that happened to him.  And he does not talk in just simple sentences, he talks in paragraphs-long ones!  He loves to talk to people and will randomly go up to strangers and engage them in a long drawn out story.  I think he got his grandmother's genes on that one.  He is for sure a people person and when he's in the right mood he likes to charm, entertain and just make others laugh.

He is one of the sweetest boys I know.  Whenever he gets something new-a candy, a toy, etc.-he automatically starts to divide it up between his sisters-even if they got the same thing too!  He is always giving Anne the best portion of things and rarely insists on getting it his way.  He has such a soft, kind, selfless heart.  He likes to cuddle and often wants to sit on laps, head in a shoulder or just lay with us and cuddle. 

He's learning a lot in preschool.  He knows all lower and upper case letters by sight, he knows all his numbers by sight and he even knows quite a few of the sounds the letter makes.  He can write maybe 10 letters too.  I like to think he's quite a smart guy!

Jamie has been such a blessing to our family!  He has brought us fun, silliness and many hugs.  We couldn't be happier that God chose to give us this little boy.  How blessed we are!  Happy birthday Buddy Boy!!

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