Tuesday, February 12, 2013

American Girl Doll Bunk Beds

This weekend John had his date with Anne.  I guess I should take a quick second and fill you in on the dates.  For Christmas one of the gifts we gave them was a year of dates.  Every month one kid gets one date with one parent.  Ie, only *one* date is had each month.  January was  Jamie's date with John.  They went to ice cream and bowling.  February was Anne's date with John.   Next month I get Jamie.  For the actual dates I found a post on Pintrest where the lady had already made up all the dates.  So we decided to go with what she was already doing.  The kids only get to pick from the 6 predetermined dates.  Anne picked a woodworking project with John.  After doing the project John and I decided next year he and I make up our own dates based on what we like not follow what someone else came up with!  He has decided he is not so good with the wood.  He doesn't know how to do it and he also doesn't have the tools.  Just to give you an idea-he "workbench" was an empty cardboard box.  Enough said.

Anyway his date started out with lunch with Anne then they headed to Home Depot and got the wood they'd need to make the beds.  For the first half hour he tried to do the project with her and then quickly discovered it was much harder than he thought and they both decided she needed to bail.  I came out and helped him and three long hours later, we had a bunk bed for Anne's dolls!  I truly need to applaud him for sticking with it and completing the project.  Someone who has made things with wood would easily be able to see a million flaws but to me and the lay person these beds look awesome!!

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Nicole said...

I'm sorry, I had to laugh at John's cardboard workbench. The beds look great - especially for someone who had no idea what they were doing!!