Friday, January 04, 2013

Our Year of Dates Out!

Continuing on resolution blogs-here is what hubby and I came up with for our dates out this year:

1.  Rock climbing (at a local gym) and dinner at Rock Bottom (a local brewery)
2.  Wine tasting and Mini golf
3.  Bike ride at the Arboretum and picnic
4.  River walk, dinner at a downtown restaurant and walking around downtown afterwards
5.  Bowling and buy a new board game and puzzle afterwards (for our home date nights!)
6.  Couples Massage and buy supplies for home project afterwards (again for our home date night)
7.  Mexican Restaurant and window shop at Home Goods
8.  Movie in the Park (our local town puts on several movies a summer at the park outside)

We have 2 more ideas on the list that probably won't make it since we do our dates at night-not during the day-and I think it's too late for both these things:  walking around the zoo and going sledding. 

So we have 8 ideas and then we'll supplement in the standard "dinner and a movie" date nights.  We're actually doing our first date night of the year tomorrow and it will be a dinner and a movie since we got a groupon that gives us our movie tickets for only $6 each (sadly, that's quite a bargain).  And I know in March we're planning on dinner and a movie because the new Oz movie comes out (I. Am. So. Excited!)  It actually works out well since most of our dates are outside and require warm weather. 

My plan/goal is to blog about how our dates are going-maybe to even inspire some of you!

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Nicole said...

Great ideas! I'm really excited for that Oz movie too!
I am not familiar with "window shopping at Home Goods". lol. Love that store.