Thursday, January 03, 2013

Meat Free out Month three tries

My family and I are at the Dells this week.  So I've had three separate chances to put my resolution of not eating meat while out to the test.  I'm happy to say that I've passed on the tests!  Here's how they went-

1.  The first night here we had pizza. Fortunately hubby is quite agreeable in his taste buds so he was more that happy to get our large pizza topped with green peppers rather than meat.  I totally realize what a blessing it is not to have a picky eater for a husband!

2.  Last night we ate dinner at the pool at a little snack bar.  Needless to say unless I wanted cheese pizza (which I didn't) I had zero other options that were not meat unless I wanted my dinner to be fries.  I made the best choice I could which was a turkey and cheese wrap minus the turkey.   It was pretty sad that that amounted to a wrapped stuffed almost exclusively with iceberg lettuce.  The tiniest sprinkle of cheese and one or two pieces of lone tomatoes.  I add some relish I found in the condiments and ranch dressing but it was still pretty meager.  The "meal" (what a joke) came with fries so once I ate everything I was actually quite satisfied.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted by my 3 year old son's chicken fingers but I managed to hold out. 

3.  Tonight we had a restaurant deliver a meal to our room.  They had a yummy sounding vegetarian wrap-spinach, lots of veggies, and pesto.  Turned out to be less appealing and was mainly stuffed with all raw spinach and very little else.  Again, once I ate the sides it came with (fries and pasta salad) I was more than satisfied.

So so far this resolution has gone well!  The only tempting night was the second when the burgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers looked sooooo good!  This weekend hubby and I are going out on a date but I've already looked at the menu and there are several good veg choices.  Fingers crossed the rest of the month goes well!

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