Monday, December 31, 2012

Date Nights!!

Tonight to celebrate New Years Eve (because we are so NOT staying up til midnight!) John and I sat down and got in writing all the dates we want to do this year.  This is part of my previous post on resolutions.  In addition to resolving to do one date night out a month I also wanted to do one date night in a month.  John and I spend nearly every night together but that's code for me watching TV and he catching up on work in the same room.  I'd love it if we could be more intentional a few times a month and actually spend time together not just in the same room. 

So here is the final list we came up with for our date nights in:

1.  Puzzle and pizza
2.  Make homemade dessert together (bonus-I just got an ice cream maker for Christmas!)
3.  Homemade pizza and a movie that corresponds (maybe an Italian movie?  Or a cheesy comedy?)
4.  Take out and board games
5.  Video games together
6.  Bean bags outside
7.  Chopped challenge (we each come up with several ingredients, write them down, put them in a hat and draw out 4.  Together we make a dish (dessert or snack most likely) that includes those ingredients.
8.  Play a new board game (on the date out that month or the previous month we'll pick up a new board game)
9.  Do a craft/home project together
10.  Make our own beer tasting (most liquor stores or specialty alcohol stores sell beer by the bottle-we'll pick up a few ahead of time and do our own little tasting)
11.  Breakfast for dinner and puzzle books
12.  Wine by the fire

I'm really excited!  We've got some good ones!  I'll try and be consistent about posting how these went.  Next post-our final list of going out dates for the year!

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