Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Half Birthday to Anne

Anne turned 6.5 yrs this week!  As I've said before, we celebrate half birthdays!  Not too big of a deal-the special boy or girl gets to pick their dinner-which is a big deal since I basically never consult them on what we're having for dinner and since I like to experiment with cooking and the kids are in a picky phase they don't usually like what they have to eat for dinner.  (I'm not cruel but "kid food" is not often served at our house.  We eat a lot of soups, pasta, and Mexican dishes with some meat ones thrown in.)  So picking dinner is a big deal.  This year Anne picked cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, fries and canned oranges.

The special half birthday child also gets their picture taken and recently we've started measuring them on their own measuring chart.  So in the past 6 months Anne grew an inch and a half and gained 3lbs!  She continues to grow as she has ever since she was one-10th percent for weight and 25th percent for height.  She's petite but certainly not super small. 

Happy half birthday Anne.  I cannot believe how quickly you are growing up!!

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