Saturday, October 06, 2012

Halloween Dinner

I have pinned a few Halloween food ideas on Pintrest recently.  As a rule, I try and only pin things I will actually use and/or do.  And I try very hard to actually work through them.  As I posted before, Pintrest has been really good for me as a mom and as a stay at home mom.  It has helped me to get the itch of to-do lists done while at the same time actually interacting with my kids!  I try to do a pintrest activity with Jamie on the days he doesn't have preschool and that usually winds up being 2-3x a week.  I also have been able to do bigger crafts with both the kids-and Libby has even joined in a on a few of them.  And when I'm lacking inspiration for meals Pintrest helps give me directions.

As I looked through my seasonal food board, I was pretty excited to see a fun Halloween meal that I could make.  Super cute, themed food that the kids will appreciate.  And the even better news?  Super easy!

Mummy Hot Dogs
Carrot Fingers
Banana Ghosts

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Nicole said...

Those fingers really creep me out!