Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween Dinner

I did make the kids a special Halloween dinner this year like I planned.   We ate it the day before though since with trick-or-treating and then a "haunted egg hunt" at 7pm it'd be tight to actually cook dinner.  The kids got apple slices with peanut butter and mini marshmallows to represent teeth, baby carrots with a dollop of cream cheese and a almond slice on it to represent fingers and a hot dog wrapped in bread stick dough and little ketchup dots to represent a mummy hot dog.  They certainly enjoyed it!

Even Libby liked her hot dog, which I'm really happy about since neither other kid liked (or is even crazy about still) hot dogs until they were much older. Libby ate nearly an entire hot dog. And I was also thrilled to find that my local Meijer sells organic, humanely raised, nitrate and preservative free Applegate Farms hot dogs! Awesome!
She is such a HAM!  She totally says "cheese" when you bring out the camera!  How does she know to do that at such a young age??

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