Sunday, August 19, 2012

Swim Lessons

I have to admit-the whole reason for this post is to post the pictures below.

Aren't the kiddos simply gorgeous there?

Anne and Jamie had swim lessons this summer and they both did great!  Both of them went up a level, which in 5 yrs of swim lessons has never happened, let alone two times!

Anne really took off with swimming this year.  While she is not swimming yet, she went from being terrified to even step off into the pool to being able to jump in, dunk her head under, hold her head under, do front and back floats unassisted, doing front and back glides unassisted, and being able to move her body through the water one body length unassisted.  For a girl that seemed to be doomed to never swim, this is amazing!

With Jamie we didn't see such drastic improvement but only because he hasn't been as afraid of the water.  He still needs help with most of the above skills I listed for Anne but all in all he, too, did awesome this year! 

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