Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Libby has been the best napper for us.  She (used) to take 2 naps.  The first would be about 2 hrs and the second would usually stretch into 3 hours.  In addition, she sleeps 11-12 hours at night-straight.  Okay, hold on, I have to wipe the tomato off my screen that you just threw at me.  I'm lucky I know.  Super lucky.  She has also taken 2 naps the longest-by that I mean by 10 months Anne was completely done with taking 2 naps and by 18 months she gave them up altogether.  Jamie took 2 naps right until he was 12 months and only gave up a daily nap a few months ago (he'll be 3.5 yrs this month).  Libby is nearly 14 months and until a few days ago she was taking 2 solid naps a day.  However, recently, I think she's letting us know she's done with that.  She goes down great for her first nap but for the second nap I'll still hear her playing in her crib for even an hour after I've put her down.  I've already shortened her first nap to about an hour and a half in anticipation of school starting and needing to wake her up earlier to pick up the kids but I think now it's time to start stretching it back and eliminating it altogether.  Fortunately we have over 2 weeks until Jamie starts preschool.  So I think I can spend that time working her nap and getting her down to one.  Sigh, my baby is getting so big and before I know it she'll be the one starting preschool!

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