Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day, Full day!

I am a wreck.  I've been fighting back tears for an hour and a half now.  Even with 2 other little ones here making noises, messes and kisses the house feels very empty and alone.  Someone is missing.  Anne went off to FIRST GRADE this morning!  This was by far the toughest parting for me.  I barely blinked when she went to three year old preschool.  I didn't blink when she went to four year old preschool.  I got teary eyed at kindergaren.  But this year I'm full out crying.  I got to walk her into her classroom today and I couldn't stop crying the entire time.  I could barely talk I was so upset.  I tried my very best to reign it in because I was afraid if she saw me cry, she'd start to cry.  Last year especially she had a hard time with us leaving her but this year she's fine.  She was her normal go-with-the-flow self.  Ready for me to go and ready for her day to start.  I barely had time to snap a few pictures before she was gone.  And now I still have five hours before I go pick her up.

I know without any doubt at all we are all going to thrive wit her at school.  She loves school.  I love getting breaks.  Its a win-win.  But I do miss her so very much.  Especially this first day.  It was only yesterday that she went off to three year old preschool and now she's finally in full day school.  I don't know how it happened.  I think I must have blinked.

Anne's very first day of (pre)school-3 yrs old
Anne's first day of first grade-6 yrs old


Nicole said...

Aw man. I can't imagine! Have your read "Mama's Right Here" by Liza Baker? There's a page about "mama's right here on your first day of school and everything feels so new. And you know I'm still here when it's time to come home, I can't wait to see you too." I tear up when I imagine that excitement & anxiety of waiting the whole day for them to come home...EVERY time we read it.
When I read that Anne was totally ready for the school day it made me think about how you must have done a great job of parenting because she is so secure. I know it also has to do with temperament but still, you've clearly done a great job mama.

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Thanks Nicole! You're so sweet!