Saturday, August 25, 2012


One thing I actually really like is how similar my kids look. Anywhere we go, everyone who glances at our troop knows the three blond-haired, blue eyed kiddos go together.  I also love comparing baby pictures of the kids.  I love posing them in similar shots to see how they compared at similar ages.  Libby is what we call an "Atwood".  She looks so much like Jamie who looks so much like John who looks so much like his sister and they in turn look so much like John's dad.  They are Atwoods.  Anne is probably more a Gap (me) though that's only by default.  So even though Libby and Jamie are the two who look the most similar, I have below two shots comparing the sisters as babies.  I looked through all Jamie's baby pictures and unfortunately did not take a shot of him like these two.  I'll have to work hard to get other shots where the three look similar as babies.  But below are the two girls, both with the same towel after a baby.  They are just so sweet-"I just wanna hug 'em, and squeeze 'em and love 'em to pieces!"

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