Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Michigan Vacation

Our friends Meg and Dale retired this year and moved up to Northern Michigan. They own and unbelievably beautiful lake mansion home and even more gorgeous scenery surrounds their home. They live right on the water-one of those homes that actually owns a small section of beach. They invited us to spend a week with them and we did and had just the most amazing time! We went on lots of hikes, beach walks, boating, some sightseeing (their section of MI is responsible for 75% of the nation's tart cherry production so we saw and tasted all things cherry), bike rides...lots of fun and relaxing stuff! We did so much more than we would have if only John and I had orchestrated it...and we loved it! Thank you Meg and Dale for having us out to your house-we were so blessed by it and hope that we get to return next year!
Getting ready to go out on the boat

Jamie got to drive!  (And so did Anne later on)

John and Jamie tubing

Sleepy baby!

John and Anne tubing

Me tubing

Gorgeous sunset

More breath-taking scenery

All of us after a hike

The kiddos playing on a small dune

Libs hanging on my back-where she spent a lot of time

MMM!  We love cherries!

Taking a break for cuteness

Meg and Dale's house

Hmm...what's this?  Sand?  Should I eat it?

Yes, I think I will eat it

Another simply gorgeous sunset

Blueberry picking on the way home

Even Libby figured it out!

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