Saturday, July 21, 2012

Libby's Birthday Party

I am really behind in blogging! I am not sure how many people read this blog but it's mostly for my kids for when they get older-I have gotten progressively worse about recording their accomplishments they older they get and the more kids I have so I'm grateful I have this blog to sh ow them when they are older.

 A month ago we had Libby's birthday party!  I wanted to make it a big celebration since, honestly, her first year was very meaningful to our family.  Both kids love her to death and are thrilled to have added her to our family.  She has made our family more complete then I ever could have imagined and of course, you're probably sick to death of hearing it, but because it took so much work to get her to be with us her first year has been more special because of that.  So for her party we invited lots of friends and just wanted to celebrate with them what a special girl Libby is to us.  I think all in all the party turned out nicely and I was really grateful to all who came out and had a great day with us!

A sign I had made for her (I had one for Anne's first birthday too.)
Cousins on the jumper we rented

Sweet girl and Mama
Libby's unbelievably gorgeous cake our neighbor made for her!
Digging in to her smash cake

Most epic birthday cake face I have ever seen in my life.  And she did this to herself 100%!

Birthday presents

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splinters and wholeness said...

beautiful mama,baby, and family. congrats to you april!