Saturday, June 09, 2012

Self Feeding

Libby has decided being fed from a spoon is beneath her.  This past week at least half the time we try and feed her from a spoon she puts her hands in her mouth and plays with her food.  Gets it all over her face, hair, clothes, high chair...when one is not planning for this, it's incredibly annoying.  This afternoon I decided the best offense was a good defense.  Sat her down in a diaper and spooned out some beans I had slow cooked earlier in the week onto her tray.  She had tried them a few times and had liked them so I knew they'd be a hit.  They were.  And Libby was happy as a clam to be able to feed herself.  Afterwards since it looked like a baked bean can exploded on her I just filled up the baby pool outside and let her splash in there while I cleaned off her high chair.  Actually worked out well, but I'm not sure this self feeding is a long term solution.  At least not for a few more months.  She needs to get a little more proficient at feeding herself as well as chewing before she can do 100% self feeding.  But until then I'll let her do as much as we both can handle.

Ps.  Try and tell me these pictures-and more importantly the little girl in them-are not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Try not to smile at the last one.  I dare you.

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