Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day Camp

Two weeks ago Jamie started day camp.  I decided to sign both he and Anne up for a few weeks of day camp this summer for variety, fun and to give me some good breaks during the long days of summer.  Anne's first week wound up getting canceled so instead of her having 2 weeks and Jamie having 3, Anne will only get one.  She filled up her 2 weeks of Jamie's day camp (3x a week) with 4 play dates out of his six total days of camp.  So she was pretty happy.

Jamie's day camp has been awesome and it's an experience I will repeat in summers to come.  For $190 he goes for 3 weeks, T-Th each week.  Day camp is from 9am-1pm (four amazing hours!!).  He eats lunch there (a sack lunch I pack from home) and the best part is its run by the park district preschool.  So there's lots of preschool type activities going on.  Jamie, true to being a 3 year old, hasn't spilled many details of his time there, but he has a great time every day.  He comes home happy, excited to show us his craft and after a few hours of decompressing at home details of the day start to come out.  I'm really please with it and highly recommend it!

Look how excited and proud this little guy is to be a big boy!!

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