Friday, May 18, 2012

Anne had her first T-Ball "game" this past weekend. I put game in quotes because it really isn't a game except in the fact that they are playing with another team.  There are no outs and there are no real runs.  Every kid gets on base every time and every kid gets to score and every kid gets to bat every inning.  I suppose though the real reason I put game in quotes is because the game was canceled due to weather but our team didn't get that memo until we all arrived at the field.  So our game was just our team playing  Still, it worked out well that we didn't officially cancel it because 1. we have missed at least 2 practices due to weather so we needed the play time and 2. Anne woke up that morning and immediately put on her shirt and hat and was bouncing with excitement to go.  It would have been a sad sight for all had she missed it.

Anne continues to seem to enjoy T-ball but whether that's because she actually likes it or because she's appeasing us after 3 years of us complaining she doesn't like anything we sign her up for, remains to be seen.  Either way, I'm glad she seems to be enjoying it and I'm glad she's getting a real team experience rather than lessons that she's gotten in the past.

Team lining up for pictures
Anne up to bat!
Anne on first base!
Bringing it home!!  (Along with every one else on the team!)

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