Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Dinner Night!

 I have to admit-we're bad parents.  We rarely eat dinner with the kids.  Not because we're not all home at the same time, we are.  Honestly I'd rather not spend my dinner begging and yelling at the kids to eat, please stop insulting the food that I spent an hour cooking, stop interrupting, I just got you a glass of water, my food is cold now, what do you want, Jamie stop saying "Buttt", Anne get back in your seat, and "Really Libby?  You dumped your bowl on the ground?"  Aren't you tired just listening to that?  That's not an exaggeration of our dinners either.  And it all happens in about 5 mintues and continues to repeat the entire dinner-which usually lasts an hour because for some reason children go on super-slow-mo when food is put in front of them.  At least mine do.

But the other night, I found a recipe the kids could 100% help me make so I decided it would be family dinner night.  It was a layered pasta dish that didn't even require the pasta to be cooked first, so it was super simple.  The kids had  GREAT time making it and Anne was so proud of the finished product.  In fact, it went so well, I'm going to have once a week be family dinner night-specifically a dinner that the kids made so that hopefully tempts them into eating it in less than 2 hours and not whining about every bite they take.
Spreading the sauce

Sprinkling the cheese

Jamie got his turn too!

Very proud of their work!
Oh yeah, this is what Libby did while we made it.  She laid on the floor diving straight into the recycling box.  I think she consumed a newspaper-gross. 

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Nicole said...

How fun! I know I'm always writing it but I can't believe how grown up Anne looks. Sigh. They grow so fast.