Friday, April 20, 2012

Potty Training

Last week I was all set to take a picture of Jamie with his completed potty chart and his new toy helicopter he picked out for completing the chart.  It had been over 2 weeks in underwear and over 2 weeks without an accident.  But a few days after the potty chart was completed, Jamie started having accidents again.  Sigh.  This one's an up and down battle for sure.  The past week he's had an accident nearly every single day.  I'm keeping my patience though.  I'm praising him more when he does goes, giving him candy (a jelly bean) occasionally for going-specifically if it was a good job (like if he was playing outside and said he had to go), and putting on pull ups when I need assurance for me that he won't have an accident.  He is still doing well, just not perfect with his training.  The past few days he's done better-and I attribute that to the praising and extra reminders, but he's still having accidents.  For example, he waited too long yesterday to go (even though I asked him 20 minutes before...) and when he went to go and couldn't get his pants down he wound up peeing all over the floor and himself.  But he will get it.  I have to remind myself it took Anne a full 2-3 months to get it down.  Right now he's at about 8 weeks (we started training on his birthday).  So he will get it.  We just both need practice and patience.

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