Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 months

Libby is 10 months old today!  The biggest thing she did this month was GROW!  She gained 1lb 12oz!  The last time she gained that much was when she first came home from the hospital-which is very typical of a preemie to go through a time of quick catch up in weight/length.  That weight gain put her from not even being on the growth chart (under the 3rd percentile) to being at about the 10th or 15th.  The news is even better when you put her on the preemie chart.  She goes from the 5th percentile to the 15th or 20th!  Her length didn't grow as much as her weight but on the preemie chart she is still in the 30th or so percentile for length.  She's doing a great job!

Libby sits like a champ now.  She can sit for more than half an hour at a time.  She can crawl-IF she wants to-she does the army crawl but most of the time she is more than content to just sit or lay where she is and take life in.  After all, she has 2 rambunctious siblings keeping her entertained nearly every waking minute.  She is eating 3 meals of baby food a day.  I try and give her grains for breakfast, fruit for lunch and veggies for dinner.  So far about half her calories are coming from food and half from nursing.  She is still nursing well-she's actually maybe moved into a stage of nursing more for pleasure and comfort than food.  She has one or two long stretches of nursing-20+ minutes-where she's clearly nursing as a way to cuddle with me.  And of course, I love it.  She's still sticking with "Dadadada!" for her language skills.  For a few days she was saying "mamamama" but she's abandoned that for simply "dada".  Even though she may be behind in her language I have no doubt she'll catch up within the time frame expected of her. 

Once again, Libby is doing great this month!

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