Thursday, March 22, 2012

Potty Training 201 Update

That's right-I have graduated from Potty Training 101 after I trained Anne and now we are in the full blown 201 class with Jamie. I have to say, things are looking great and I think both of us are about to graduate with honors!

Jamie started training on his birthday, which was almost 4 weeks ago. The first 10 days or so he did awesome. Very little accidents, struggled with going No. 2 but for the most part he did great. So I moved him to underwear because I have found it makes sense to have them in something other than a pull-up (ie, diaper) when they are training. Once I moved him to the underwear though all his progress went down the tubes. I moved him right around the weekend, so that didn't help with all our errands and other fun things we were doing. Last week, while in his underwear, he had accident after accident. One day I cleaned up poo from the floor FOUR times! Needless to say, my patience was out. Completely. Shamefully out. So last Friday John said I should just move him back to the pull up that way if he has an accident it's contained and that eliminates about 95% of why I would lose my patience with him. It worked great!

This week Jamie hasn't had any accidents at all I think! I know he has peed in the potty 100% of the time, only having "accidents" at night (and face it, night time training is completely a different horse than day time training). He has made progress on No. 2 every single day too. I think the past 3 or 4 days he has done all of them in the potty! I think only once during a nap and once at night time. I do sort of count those against him because I wonder if he "saved" them up to do in his diaper...but still, I cannot and will not fault him for anything he does while asleep or when he is supposed to be asleep.

If he continues to do well through the weekend, on Monday I'm going to try underwear again. As added incentive, I'm making him up a chart and every day he is 100% accident free he'll get a sticker. When he fills up the chart (which I will make 14 days long) he can go pick out a toy from the store and I will consider that trained!

Jamie is doing so well! For so long I thought he would never take to it (ages 2.5 to 3 yrs old we talked about it daily and he wanted no part in being trained, though he would go on the potty when we asked) but now it's here and he's almost done! Awesome job Buddy! Mommy is so proud of you!

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