Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aha! or Duh!!

Libby's been eating baby food for about 2 1/2 weeks so far. And for the most part she's been doing amazing! She's really taken to eating it off the spoon very quickly, she seems to love the different flavors and she's been gaining weight. After the initial huge jump of about 10oz, she's slowed down quite a bit and it at just about 1lb gained over the past 2.5 weeks. Still, that's huge, especially for Libby.

One thing that hasn't gone great is Libby spits up. A lot. I mean A. Lot. She's been a very spitty baby ever since she came home-it's probably a combo of who she is and her surgery. I'm sure having your intestines blocked the entire time you were developing and then having them operated on makes them a little bit testy-even 8 months after surgery. Once she started eating baby food, she was spitting this up. She'd be spitting it up 8 hours after eating it! So the other day I dawned on me that I should move her eating time from morning to evening (she's still only doing once a day of baby food). She doesn't really ever spit up in her sleep and feeding at night means that she'd basically be asleep for 13 hours and letting the food settle and she wouldn't be moving around too much.

So last night I fed her at night and miracles of miracles, when she woke up this morning she hadn't spit up once! And more than that, all her spit ups today have been pure milk, meaning all her baby food last night is completely digested. Whoo hoo! Hopefully this means she'll be getting more calories and nutrition from her baby food now.

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