Thursday, March 22, 2012

Libby's food

Just a quick update to let you know how Libby is doing on food....she's doing great! Since we moved her feeding to a dinner feeding she has not spit up her food at all. It's wonderful to know she's keeping it all in! She's also increased her appetite for food quite a bit! She started out-less than 4 weeks ago-barely able to eat 2 tablespoons of food, and last night she ate 1/4 cup of cereal mixed with equal amount of a blend of coconut and breastmilk (ie, 4 oz of milk) and on top of that she ate the equivalent to a stage one jar of pears! Wow! I still want to give her a little longer on the food before starting her on two meals a day of food-maybe another week-but it's coming! In addition, she's eating crackers now too! If she's ever fussy and doesn't need to nurse, doesn't need to sleep and just needs/wants attention or holding I put her in her high chair and give her some crackers or this great product called Mum-Mums. She can eat 2-3 crackers at a sitting! She bites off pieces just great and any sort of choking she has she very quickly fixes on her own. She's doing wonderful!

Her weight-after the initial HUGE jump-is really stable. I think I just have to admit that's who she is. She will probably be right at one pound of weight gain this month-which is a big improvement on last month-but not a huge amount. She's eating to contentment, has free range of all the milk she wants and I'm even adding as much extra fat to her diet as I can and still the scale doesn't move fast or a lot. She's chubby, unbelievable healthy, and super happy-so I know she's fine!

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