Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy to Mommy Tip

Don't you love the tips that other mommies give you? Specifically the ones that work? I'll leave behind the advice to let my baby sleep in my bed, or in the crib, or to cry, or to pick up or to breastfeed or to bottle feed....I've already decided all those things...but the little tips that help make your day to day better? And are non-controversial? I'll take those! Here's one for you!

Libby is 8.5 months old-but just about 7 months adjusted age. My "What to expect the first year" book says she should probably be sitting up by 7.5 months. She is certainly getting better but she's not really that close. About one millisecond after letting her go, she face plants...or falls backwards. Thank goodness she has parents to catch her. But recently I found a great idea that helps her to sit completely on her own AND keeps her attention for a long stretch! Here it is....
I recently found one of those blocky-beady things in our toy box. It's one of those toys that you put it away and when you look for it again it went and had babies and you find you have 4 more of them. Somehow you collect toys like these but never actually use them. This one is quite sturdy and has 5 different sides with different activities on each side. She is able to put all her weight on it and it doesn't topple over or give and she's entertained. As soon as one side bores her we move to another side. She played with this the other day for at least 10 minutes. Which means 10 minutes of practicing her sitting. Nice!

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Nicole said...

Perfect! I like that toy-it looks really neat!