Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Food Update!

Libby had her doctor's appointment a little more than a week ago. When I mentioned to the doctor I was concerned by how small Libby was he gave me a look like I was crazy. He said Libby was perfect and it was perfectly okay if she was small. He had no worries whatsoever about her size or weight. That felt like a load off my shoulders. It felt so good to know that our doctor was completely fine with the way Libby was growing.

Even with that, Libby only gained 5oz in a month. Gulp. Not good considering the low average is one pound. So we started her on food. On Monday last week she had oatmeal and-yay-she passed it just fine! No constipation like with the bananas. A few days later I added some coconut milk to her oatmeal. She seemed to struggle passing it but I wanted to preserve. She didn't have pain but it didn't seem to come as easily to her. To help her out, I tried out prunes on her (this was after waiting the 3-5 days per new food). She wasn't the biggest fan of the prunes. She ate only about half as much as she did the oatmeal. Still, she took it. Finally, 2 days ago, she had a HUGE diaper blow out (after having very small ones for the past few days) and she passed all her oatmeal and her prunes. Yay! So today she got prunes mixed with coconut milk. The girl LOVED it! She was super fussy before eating and even when I put her in her chair she kept fussing but after that first bite, she was ALL. OVER. IT. I tasted it and I had to agree, it was yummy. Tomorrow, we are trying pears! I bet she'll like those too. Oh, and her weight gain-going AMAZING! She has gained about 11oz in 9 days! Wow! I guess she just needed a little more calories but wasn't willing to work too hard for them!

So you be the judge-does she like the prunes??

Edit Note: I just weighed her now-she had a poopy diaper so I'm getting an accurate weight-she's up 13oz in just 9 days!! Wow! If she keeps this up she'll gain nearly 3 pounds this month!!


Nicole said...

OH WOW!! 3lbs in the month?!!

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

We shall see!!