Sunday, February 26, 2012

8 Months Old

Libby is 8 months old!
There isn't too much to report except that she is still itty-bitty. She goes in on Tuesday for the official weigh in and length check. I know she's still under the 5% mark on weight (though if you adjust her age she is actually at 5%) and she's probably still close to the 20% or so for height. She is growing just like Anne grew although she definitely has some Atwood blood in her-she's got nice chub to her cheeks and her legs.

The other new/big thing she's doing this month is she is moving all about! She isn't crawling but the rolling is out of control! We can put her down in the center of the room and stand back and watch and she practically does laps! She'll go from one end to the other to the other-touching several of the walls! Just last week I think she figured out that she can be purposeful in her rolling. Ie, that it gets her somewhere. She hasn't acted on that yet but I swear I saw her roll a few times and saw something different in her eyes-like she realized "Hey you mean that this gets me somewhere I want to go and *I* control it??" We'll have to see if she skips crawling and decides to roll until she walks!

We tried food about 2 weeks ago and after 6 days of food (4 of banana and 2 of avocado) poor Libby was so backed up and in such intense pain! We stopped all food until she passed her poo normally. It took her about 7 days! Poor baby! At least once a day we were in the tub with her rubbing her tummy and cycling her legs trying to help her go. But finally she's passed it all! Since her check up is in Tuesday I'm just going to wait and get some advice from the doctor on when to try again. He may say wait a few weeks or a month or maybe he'll tell me to try again right away and see how it goes. Either way, I will pick a tried and true non-constipative food when we do try again!

So that's it on Miss Libby for this month! She remains the sweetest little baby ever!

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Nicole said...

Wow, 8 months already. Miss Libby sounds like she's doing so well! And cute as can be!