Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Plan

Libby is so small-like I said she is below the 5th percentile for her age. I just did some reading/research and saw that babies can eat coconuts without any problem! So I just went out and bought a can of coconut milk (ingredients are coconut and water) and after she does 4 days of cereal I will start mixing her cereal with the coconut milk. Let's say a prayer that this helps her gain some weight (and also that her doctor visit on Tuesday reassures me that he is feeling good about her weight-he has thus far). I also found other high calorie foods she can eat:

-Egg yolk
-Sweet potatoes (this and the above were the highest calorie baby foods per oz)

So when I got home from the store tonight I went online and ordered some cans of organic coconut milk and some organic baby cereal that has added DHA in it. Let's hope that within the next few weeks we see Libby chub up even more!

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