Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We don't do much for Valentine's day around here. We exchange candy and that's about it. We might go out for a date, but spending $100 seems extreme. If we want to go on a date, we certainly don't need the calendar to tell us to do it. And if we do, well then I don't think a date is gonna solve our problems....anyway, for the kids yesterday I got a great idea from Disney's Family Fun Magazine: I made a trail of candy for the kids, leading them to a small box of candy and a Valentine's Day book. Both kids LOVED following the trail. In fact, I may venture to say they enjoyed it more than Christmas morning or Easter morning. Certainly there was a level of excitement there from both I really had not seen before. For Dinner we had individual pizzas at Anne's request-she loved helping to roll out the dough and top it herself. Later this week I'll make them heart shaped pancakes. We ran out of eggs so we missed the actual day but the sentiment is there. Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday as much as the kids did!

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Nicole said...

Cute idea!