Monday, February 14, 2011

The last hurrah!

We went sledding on Saturday. The groundhog got it right and we are having a very early spring! Starting on Saturday the temps here in Chi-town finally got above freezing for the first time in (at least what feels like) a month or more. It feels positively spring-like even though it's only 38 or 40 degrees out. That is one thing I adore about Chicagoland. I love the way the very first hint of warm air and people shed their coats. Yesterday it was 40 degrees for the high yet more than half the people I saw were not wearing coats-including my 2 children since John was the one to get them in the car that morning. This week it's suppose to even get close to 60 one day! So although there very well may be a few more cold days that winter drags out, Spring is well on it's way! And frankly, after winter, 40 degrees feels like a tropical vacation so I'll take it!

But back to Saturday. I knew that Saturday was probably the last day we'd have our snow around. Despite getting 20 inches, there is only so long that snow can last in 40 and 50 degree weather. After naps, John and I buckled the kids up and headed to the sledding hill. We've been sledding with them 3 times now. Once on Jamie's birthday last year, once about 2 months ago and then this time this weekend. Jamie has just so-so liked it up until that point. He's sort of cried the whole way down (and honestly I can't blame him, I'm nearly 30 and sledding still scares me, though I love to do it), and whined and fussed until we got back in the car. (Again, how much fun can it really be to be 2, freezing, and unable to really move around enough to warm up?) But on Saturday, he had a great time. He went down nearly every time with John. John would go down on his sled and hold on to Jamie's and together they'd go down. Jamie would get back to the top of the hill and just say over and over "Dada! Dada!" He has been quite the mama's boy lately so the fact that he actually wanted John over me says something. I think he and John were exchanging testosterone through the air or something....Needless to say we all h ad a great time. Some kids made some "bumps" down the hill so if you caught them just right you'd actually catch air. Anne hit one one time and she probably went 2 feet up in the air. She said it hurt just a little but after that she kept trying to line up her sled with the bumps so she must have loved it. I'm so glad we got to have our last hurrah with Winter-and sledding in 32 degree weather is quite enjoyable!

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