Monday, February 14, 2011

A Family Tradition

Jamie helped me make brownies the other day. Anne "helps" me make baked desserts quite often. Helping entails her pouring in ingredients as I give them to her until she has spilled them one too many times at which point she waits it out with me to get to lick the spoon or spatula or beaters. Frankly she doesn't care so much that she's helping as much as she's licking the final product. Jamie has helped me just one or two times. He's not even 2 yet so his ability to follow directions to the point that he doesn't ruin a dessert is lacking. But the other day we made boxed brownies and Anne (surprisingly) had no desire to help. So Jamie was my little man. He did a good job of dumping in the mix and the 2 additional ingredients. Mostly he, as his sister, just wanted to lick the spoon.
Taking these pictures reminded me of the first time Anne helped me to make brownies. Surprisingly and without planning, she was pretty much, probably almost to the day, the exact same age as Jamie was in these pictures.
So apparently, helping mama make brownies at nearly age 2 is a family tradition!

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