Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I wouldn't give for a little warmth...

About this time of year I get stir crazy. It's worse when you are a stay at home mom of young kids. When you work, you have your routine and general busyness to help you forget the short, cold, cloudy, snowy days. But when you have young kids that are getting restless and climbing on you for a playground since it's too cold to go outside, this time of year is hard. I breeze through November and December with no problem, for obvious reasons. Thanksgiving and Christmas keep me occupied and excited. But about 2 weeks after Christmas is over, it starts to creep up. Three weeks after Christmas and I am full blown in the winter blues. Now, this is no where near SAD or any real depression, just a general antsyness and deep longing for warmth, sunshine and the simple ability to go outside without fear of frostbite in 20 minutes or less. I keep telling myself that in 2 weeks there is hope of spring-afterall warm days in February are not unheard of. But in all reality, I have another 6-8 weeks before I can expect warm days. I have no idea how I'm going to make it through. All my attempts to pretend I'm not stir crazy are about as effective as Anne dressing up as a firefighter and asking me to really believe it. Hopefully God will smile on me and pass along a few 40 degree days, which are for sure warm enough to play outside in, until the warmth is here to stay for sure.

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