Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family of...5 please!!

John and I are so excited to say that we have another baby on the way! I am 11 weeks along and due August 3rd. We've heard the heartbeat and the first trimester is just a stone's throw away from being over, so we are starting to get excited about the next things to come-big belly, baby moving, and before we know it, a sweet little face to stare at, kiss, and love to bits. Anne wants a baby sister but as she tells us nearly every time: "It's God's choice!" and surprisingly Jamie keeps saying "Girl" when we ask him what he wants. (Granted, we know he has no clue, but it is noteworthy that no matter what order we ask him, he always says girl...). I would love to give Anne a sister but more than that, I am excited to meet my little guy or girl in 6 months time....

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