Saturday, January 22, 2011


Anne is officially toothless. At nearly 4 and 3/4 she has lost a tooth. Surely, the first of her friends. It was a rough road, with it's fair share of tears-Anne was scared of loosing it in her sleep or swallowing it-but she made it through. The tooth got loose by biting into a banana of all things and was finally lost by licking an ice cream cone. Go figure. The dentist took an x-ray when it was initially loose just to make sure it was a true loose tooth rather than loosing it prematurely and sure enough, her two front teeth are huge underneath her gums, just waiting to break through. So I expect in the next few weeks to see her old tooth's friend get loose too. Wow, my daughter is actually old enough to loose a tooth. How did this happen??

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The Hardys said...

My first lost tooth was about the same age and the same location (front, on the bottom). What a milestone!!! I hope the toothfairy brings her something good ;)....I didn't usually get money....I would get a coloring book, paint with water, and once I got a hula hoop!