Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mery Christmas

Christmas at our house was amazing-mostly due to Jamie and his unbelievable enthusiasm for gifts! I had no idea that a 22 month old could get the idea of ripping paper off presents and taking toys out of boxes so quickly. It took about one rip of paper on that very first gift and he was hooked. He recently started getting into Thomas (which I have no clue how since we really don't watch it) and several of his gifts were Thomas trains. He immediately would start to jump up and down and vibrate with excitement while shouting "Choo choo!" and trying to grab the toy out of the box. As soon as he was done, he was ready to get the next gift even if we weren't or it wasn't his gift. I don't think Anne has ever shown that kind of enthusiasm for any gift ever, so it was really fun to see Jamie get so excited. I think we're all looking forward to his birthday just to see him excited again!
Anne got into Disney Princesses the same time Jamie did Thomas-again, another mind boggler since she's only seen maybe 2 Disney movies up to this point. I think the advertising has sunk it's claws in deep on this one. She got some Princess barbie type dolls and a ridiculously over priced, so not worth the money Belle Castle and several other gifts. I think she had a great time.

The way over priced Belle Castle

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day!

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