Saturday, November 06, 2010

Breakfast-Smoothie #1

I have had a lot of people ask me what I put in my smoothies in the morning. Here's today's:

1 cup chocolate soy milk
2-3 cups raw spinach
1 banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 teaspoon fish oil (Even though I am going veg. I am not yet willing to give up the fish oil for flax oil only because I know that the EFAs in fish oil are much more easily absorbed than in flax.)

Total calories: about 350, 16 g (all healthy) fat, 16 g protein, 8 g fiber-basically a perfect meal.

I like adding a lot of greens to my smoothies-I like knowing I just knocked off the FDA's requirements for veggies for the day in one meal. (Even though I'll still eat quite a bit more veggies the rest of the day.) I used my immersion blender and drank it right from the blending container (why bother with another dish??). It was a bit crunchy-the immersion blender doesn't blend the spinach down fine enough and I had quite a lot of greens in there. If you're wanting to try this for yourself, use a regular blender and start with one cup of greens. To make it even more creamy and sweet, try adding half a cup of vanilla yogurt. Try this one on your kids-I promise, they won't notice that they're eating veggies for breakfast!

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