Sunday, November 07, 2010


Jamie has been slow in the language. As I've said before, he was honestly mute until he was 8 months old. He didn't make a peep other than to cry. Then suddenly at 8 months he started cooing and babbling like he'd done it all along. Until 18 months he was basically wordless. He could say a few words-3 or 4 if I was being generous, but that was it. Then, again, at 18 months he quickly started putting words to things and now at 20 months he easily has 30+ words in his vocabulary. Even more amazing is the self control and ability this little guy has to put words to his needs and thoughts. He can seriously be in the midst of a meltdown temper tantrum and I can ask him what he wants; he will stop crying and tell me (in single words) "Eat" or "Wa-wa" or point to what he needed. He has "conversations" with us all the time. I'll be doing a chore and he walks up and points to something, says the word for it. I'll repeat it back to him or ask him a question about it and he'll tell me something else about it (Buddy: "Car." Me: "Is that a car Bud?" Buddy: "Rrrrr..." Me: "Yep, the car goes 'rrrr.'") Seriously amazing to me. But tonight he had another exciting first in the language department. I was holding him on my lap at the dinner table and Winnie, outside, barked. Jamie looked outside, pointed and said "Wimmie woof." He put 2 words together! Wow! This is the starting of sentences! And how cool that I was able to be there and recognize this exciting and fun first! Go Buddy, go! You'll be talking in no time!

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