Friday, November 05, 2010

Turkey Hands

We did another holiday craft this week. I'm loving doing crafts with Jamie-seeing how much he can participate, seeing what he comes up as he mindlessly sticks things on and scribbles. It's adorable. I love seeing how Anne is growing in her ability to cut, and glue, and create. I treasure these little crafts the kids have been doing.

Anne did a great job of putting "feathers" on her turkey. She insisted on cutting it into a lovely square too-as Jamie had his in a circle.

Jamie's chubby hand. Unfortunately he wouldn't stay still long enough to get a really accurate trace of his hand, so it's a bit bigger than his real hand. What a fab job he did scribbling his picture.

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Nicole said...

OMG! Anne looks about 13 in that picture! :) Cute turkey hands for both of them!