Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where am I at?

So where are we (me) at with becoming a vegetarian? It's something I've talked about for a loooong time. In fact, I've been tossing the idea around for over 2 years. You'd think in 2 years I would have made more decisive progress but I haven't. For a year and a half or so of these 2 years, I have been convinced entirely that vegetarian eating is healthiest for humans. I'm not going to get into those reasons because food choices, especially vegetarianism, can be very hot button. So for that year and a half, we've basically parred down our meat eating to maybe an average of 1-3x a week. (Out of 21 meals in a week). Some weeks more, some less but my guess is that's the average. The past 6 months I have add new reasons to my list to become a vegetarian. Mostly thanks to the book "Eating Animals". I have since become more deeply convinced that there is no good reason to eat meat and every good reason to be a vegetarian. I believe this fully and can speak on the pros of vegetarianism with the best of them....but I still eat meat occasionally. What is going on? My belief in the virtues of vegetarianism on every level is as strong as any die-hard yet I haven't officially made the change. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet. I think it is mainly because there are some cool recipes I still want to try out with meat and I'm not willing to give them up. Also, this doesn't play as heavily on my choice though, there are things I would miss if I gave up meat. Dishes I would miss, tastes I would miss, some experiences I would miss. I keep telling myself I need to take the plunge and make it official but I haven't. Perhaps its the finality of it. Having to tell everyone I am a vegetarian. Having to give up, for good, dishes I enjoy. Having to make some lifestyle changes. Its funny I am dragging my feet so much because I feel so deeply that this is absolutely the right choice but us but I look behind me and there are drag marks deeply in the sand. I still think the day will come, sooner now rather than later, that I can and will say "I am a vegetarian." "Yes, I have dietary restrictions. I don't eat meat." But for now that is where I am at. Camping out in the middle of the vegetarians with a secret stash of jerky just in case I want it.

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Just Me said...

sooo why not be vegetarian but when you 'crave' meat- go for it.

You can go back and forth- its your body.

its not like the grocer will not let you buy a few steaks one day.

But I know what you mean- I am 'functionally' vegetarian- meat is not a staple in my diet but if I really really want it I go for it.