Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Pledge

Pledge: A promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something.

I just spent about an hour looking at a vegan momma's website, which, by the way, if you are on the fence about becoming a vegetarian and are lazy about taking that step, I highly discourage you from doing what I just did-otherwise you'll read the 10,000+ reasons that are good for becoming a vegetarian but feel guilty for still eating meat.

Alright, so I am pumped up! I am ready to do it! Or at least stop being so wishy washy and take a real step towards becoming vegetarian. I know that this is the right step for me-for my family-for health and ethical reasons. I become more and more positive of it the more I think and read on it. So here it is; here is my pledge: I will not buy anymore meat at stores. I'm done. One of the big things that has kept me eating meat is 1. I have some meat stored in the freezer I need to use up and 2. I keep buying really amazing deals of meat at grocery stores and thus, repeating the cycle all over. So I am done. I will not buy anymore meat at the grocery store. No matter how good a deal it is, it's no longer an option for us! Now I admit, I still do have some meat in the freezer; I have 1 lb of sausage, 1/2 lb of ground beef, a whole chicken and 2-3 pre-made, frozen meals that contain meat. I know what recipe I'm cooking with every single meat item in the freezer so hopefully in a few weeks we'll have eaten it all and since I won't buy it anymore we will be one, huge giant step towards being vegetarians. Phew! I'm doing it! I know this is going to be hard for me. Thanks to my parents, I cannot pass up a good deal (my mom just offered me a 30 year old train set-quite possibly unsafe for my son-and I was pretty iffy on wanting to take it. She said "Why wouldn't you want it? It's free." So thanks mom and dad.). But I know that I want and need this lifestyle more than I need to spend money on meat just to save money. Now that that is taken care of, I'm excited to see if I can follow through on it. (By the way-as an update, I've sort of set up Thanksgiving as the day I will finally be vegetarian. I'm not sure if that's the day I'll turn for good or if it will have been going on for a few weeks or maybe not at all, but every time I think of Thanksgiving, I sort of know in my heart of hearts, it will be meat free for me.) Wish me luck!


Farrah said...

Good for you. Thanksgiving seems to be a hard day to be meat-free, but maybe you are not a turkey fan. :) I admire your resolve to do what you know is best for you and your family. Good luck!

Tennya said...

i've cut out turkey too (which is fine, since i never really liked it) so I'm a little worried about thanksgiving, but glad that our mother will having something we can both eat

Tennya said...

no, no bacon, i really try not to. If i go out to eat and there's bits of it in a wrap or something, then i'll eat it, but never in large amounts. So yeah, just chicken, which is the last thing I'll have to give up, when that is, I don't know.

Kelly said...

Way to make a commitment! Maybe if you work on honing your good-deal-finding-skills for non-meat items, you can bypass the tempting sales on meat. :) Good luck!