Friday, October 08, 2010


Anne and I used to do crafts all the time. We decorated our house with crafts of the season, making new things every few months. That was before Jamie. And before preschool. When I was still stuck in the bliss of having an only child who wasn't yet school-aged with a schedule. Now our lives our busy busy. Jamie needs nearly constant attention (otherwise he will jump off tables, fall down stairs, color the walls with chalk, and try to eat cat food-and in case you haven't realized, he's done all that this past week.). Anne's schedule rivals that of any celeb (and she's not even in full time school yet!) and the days of crafts are mostly in the past.

Since Jamie has gotten a little older and I've becoming willing to let go of routines just a bit more, we've started to do a few more crafts. Just a few. The other day I had a great idea for a Halloween craft that both kids could do! Perfect! So I got everything ready and cut out and we sat down at the kitchen table-Anne next to me and Jamie on my lap and we went to town. It was wonderful. Jamie "participated" even though every move he made went over his head and in the end we have two beautiful Jack-O-Lanterns decorating our kitchen. I am in love with both and I could stare at them all day because they represent my kids. Anne's, who cut hers out all by herself and put all the parts in just the right places, shows me what a big girl she has become. She is becoming so independent, such a little person. Jamie's, with his pieces stuck every which way in a Tim Burton-isc style, reminds me what a baby he is and what a big boy he is becoming. Happy fall and happy Halloween, whether you are celebrating it in a big girl way or a crazy toddler boy way!

Jamie's precious pumpkin

Anne's perfectly precise pumpkin

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Nicki said...

I love it! I was the same way when Pufferfish was still a baby. I loved doing crafts with Little Bear, who was preschool-aged, but I had to find a way to entertain Puff, who was still a baby. So I'd stick her up in her high chair and she was doing crafts right along with us. I once wrote an Associated COntent article on art projects for toddlers... its at if you would like to read it! :)